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Chondroitin/Dermatan Sulphate Disaccharides


Produced by bacterial chondroitinase digestion of Chondroitin and Dermatan sulphate.

Isolated by high resolution gel filtration and ion exchange chromatography.

Our product range includes the rare, but functionally important di- and trisulphated Chondroitin/Dermatan sulphate disaccharides.

The action of the chondroitinase enzyme introduces a double bond at C4-C5 in the uronic acid residue that absorbes at 232nm


For disaccharide analysis of chondroitin and dermatan sulphate.

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New Product Information:

Chondroitin/Dermatan Disaccharide Standard Mix (CD Mix) – please email [email protected] for further information

The chondroitin/dermatan sulphate disaccharide mix is designed for disaccharide composition analysis of Chondroitin and Dermatan sulphate digested by chondroitinase enzymes.

Convenient and ready to use the CD Mix is provided as a predissolved aqueous solution of heparin disaccharides CD001, CD002, CD003, CD004, CD005, CD006, CD007 and CD008.

The Chondroitin/Dermatan Dulphate Disaccharide Standard Mix (CD Mix) contains enough solution for 10 x 100µl applications. The profile below shows a typical separation of the disaccharides standards. (The exact salt concentration required to elute each sample will vary with column type and manufacture.)


Product Catalog No Qty £
  1. Chondroitin/Dermatan Sulphate Disaccharides
    ∆UA – GalNAc CD001 1mg 170.00 Enquire Now
    ∆UA – GalNAc,4S (∆UA – 4S) CD002 1mg 105.00 Enquire Now
    ∆UA – GalNAc,6S (∆UA – 6S) CD003 1mg 105.00 Enquire Now
    ∆UA – GalNAc,4S,6S (∆UA – diSE) CD004 0.5mg 300.00 Enquire Now
    ∆UA,2S – GalNAc,4S (∆Di – diSB) CD005 0.5mg 401.50 Enquire Now
    ∆UA,2S – GalNAc,6S (∆Di – diSD) CD006 0.5mg 401.50 Enquire Now
    ∆UA,2S – GalNAc,4S,6S (∆Di – triS) CD007 0.5mg 401.50 Enquire Now
    ∆UA,2S – GalNAc (∆Di – UA2S) CD008 0.5mg 401.50 Enquire Now
    Chondroitin/Dermatan Sulphate Disaccharide Mix CS/DS Mix 1 ml 600.00 Enquire Now
    ΔUA-(1→3)-GlcNAc (ΔDiHA) HA02 1mg 185.00 Enquire Now

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